A Mont-Ro Skin Care Concept
We invite you to a wonderful experience in advanced skin care. Look no further than Mont-Marie Skin Care. After 45 years of intense research conducted by an Aesthetician and a biomedical scientist, we have developed a unique skin care system designed to reveal healthier skin. By studying the chemistry of the body, we have developed a product that produces results and is competitively priced. Our state of the art skin care system is designed to balance the skin to restore its normal tone and condition.

We Provide You:
European facial treatment for all skin types and conditions. Specializing in teenage acne treatment; we educate how to treat your skin as well as what products to apply to keep skin healthy and clean looking Our facials include skin analysis, deep cleansing, massage and ionized steam. Facial treatments are customized for your specific needs such as:

Automatic Facial Lifting:

The Non-Surgical face lifting equipment is an electronic device that helps rejuvenate facial muscles and skin tone by reducing unsightly skin wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, forehead, neck and cheeks. It supplies computer-controlled electro-stimulation signals to the wrinkled part of the skin. The aesthetician applies treatment by using two probes. Then according to the degree of wrinkles, the aesthetician can set a highly precise adjustment to the type of signal, frequency range and the strength of current required. After finishing the treatment the skin tone is revitalized and the circulation is stimulated to maintain a proper balance of sebum and moisture in the skin.

It gently stimulates the muscles in your face and neck areas that you may feel have lost youthful resilience. Our facial procedure is very gentle. There is no pain and no uncomfortable pressure . . . Just the soft touch of cotton-tipped probes. Your muscles will feel tighter and stronger. Your skin will glow and appear to keep lifting 24 hours after each facial procedure. Even after just one facial procedure, you will notice the difference.

The Benefits:
Skin Tone and Texture | Rejuvenated Complexion | Glowing and Youthful Lines and Wrinkles | Smoothed and Refined Sagging Muscles | Face and Neck Toned and Lifted


Deep Cleansing:
Eliminates clogged pores and dead surface cells.
Acne Skin:
Intensive treatment to calm and stabilize skin.
Reduction and softening of scar tissue, returning a healthy glow to skin.
Brown Spots & Pigment:
To Fade and prevent reoccurrence of pigment discoloration.
Deep Lymphatic Drainage:
To evenly distribute skin oils, increase circulation and penetration of nutrients.
Regeno Collagen Treatment & Mask:
A rich nourishing treatment giving skin flexibility and a youthful look.
Muscle Toning:
A passive electronic massage to stimulate and activate the muscles of chin, eyes, and lips.
Eye Lash Tinting:
A non-irritating tint offering gentle color and soft conditioning for beautiful lashes.
Waxing Face & Body:
Special preparation and treatment of skin, leaving silky smooth and no irritation.